How to live self-sufficiently within a 1600-sqm land
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This web page and linked pages still need a lot more info&knowledge because they are intended to give all human beings full instructions on how to live self-sufficiently (living with a self-reliance lifestyle) within a limited area of just 1 rai or 0.4 acre or 0.16 hectare or 1600 sqm. (in order that all individual human beings can equally own an arable land).
(Firstly published: 28 December 2017.  Last update: 31 December 2018)

Why 1600 sqm?
How to obtain? Who are most suitable? How to begin, live, and die happily Things to beware How I really live

This idea was originated with an aim to bring peace, freedom, equality, and wellbeing to all human beings in the world.
In brief, the earth has enough arable land for all of us 7,000 humans to share equally for 1 rai (1,600 sq.m.) each. That's why we need to specify that each human should not own a private land of no more or less than 1,600 sq.m.

Here is the detail:
- Earth's total land = 149.0 million
- Earth's total arable land = 13.8 million (13,800,000
- Global human population = 8 billion (8,000,000,000 persons)
- So, arable land/person = 13800000/8000000000 = 0.001725 = 1725 sq.m. = 0.42625678 acre
- That means the arable land on earth is enough for each of all humans to own privately for about 0.4 acre or 1,600 sq.m.
- And, with 0.4 acre per person, we will remain => 149.0 - 13.8 = 135.2 million as public land and 361.1 million as public sea.

How large is 1,600 sq.m.
If the area is square,  a 1600-sq.m. (1 rai) land is 40 x 40 meters.
If the area is round, 1 rai has a diameter of about 45 meters. (The exact radius is 22.57 meters.)

Thus, living in a private land of 1 rai is like having a private bedroom that is bigger than regular houses these days. However, not only sleeping, you can also do farming inside this private arable land. It also allows you to keep some good distance from neighbors or passersby when you need some privacy.

How to obtain 1 rai?
If you do not already own a 1-rai land, you may ask for it from several rich persons who own land much larger than 1 rai. I will tell you in details here later about words you should use to talk to those rich persons.

Who are most suitable
While there are many benefits, but there are some disadvantages at this moment. Thus, the most suitable persons may start this lifestyle first. These people are:

-  An individual who loves to live alone.

- A couple who need privacy

- A nature lover

- A non-violence person

- An individual who has sickness

- A robber

- A student whose parents cannot afford his/her education

How to begin, live, and die happily in the private land
- First, you should mark the boundary in order to inform others about your private land.
- Next, you will need water and food.
- You can add facilities for relaxation and entertainment later.
- As you intend to live without disturbing anyone, you can die happily alone.

- We humans should have some social activities. Living alone in 1 rai may sound lonely. So, just take care of area outside the private land to serve passerbys.

- More info will be given in detail (about farming techniques and many other things).

+ An example of self-sufficient living -- "Building The Greatness Bath Pool In Front Beautiful Bamboo Resort House"

Things to beware
- Coldness
- Animals (mosquitos, snakes, poisonous insects)
- Storm
- More to add, with techniques to avoid or overcome

How I really live

I set a wall of my private land with some bamboos. I usually stay inside the land. However, I do take care of the United World Monument for the public. I also take care of my parents who live about 16 km away. I work for money a little bit as a translator and a GIS freelance. I will show and tell you more later.

By the way, I am looking for a woman who can live with me by relying on this self-sufficiency lifestyle so that we can change the world together.

Interested persons please contact
Me => Kongjak Jaidee
Tel.:  66-84-7043345

Map of my 1-rai land and surroundings

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