United World, One World,

United States of the World

Principle of World Unification 
World Unification is to unify all countries in the world together, and to form the world government that will take care of the whole world in the same way a current government takes care of its country. The unified world will have no soldiers or military. All human beings will be world citizens who have equal right in all aspects, and everyone has freedom to travel anywhere in the world. 

Why should we unify the world? 
- No reasons for country-dividing 
The earth doesn't make natural borders for us to divide countries. The earth gives us ability to travel all around the world, but we just limit ourselves from doing so. Also, the earth doesn't create us differently. Despite some diversity, the truth is that we are all the same species -- human beings. No matter how differences are our languages, religions, or appearances, we all can live peacefully together in the United World ... That is like the way many groups of people live together in many existing countries these days, but we will live a lot more peacefully with global love among human beings. 

- Losses from country dividing 
We lose so much from dividing countries as in the current situation. Many lives have lost from wars. Many infrastructures have been destroyed. Many natural resources were damaged or abandoned along borders of countries. Our lives face difficulties in traveling across countries. Scientists face difficulties in studying the global environments and developing the whole world. 

The worst point is that ... many people in the world today don't realize that we are all human beings, and we shall love all others for living happily together on earth. .. In contrary, many governments try to separate human beings by emphasizing arbitrary differences between people in their countries and the rest of the world. Thus people in the current world live with lack of love, understanding, and cooperation. Letting this situation going on is not only losing, but also highly risky to the end of our world. 

- Benefits after world unification 
---- No frontier ...... true freedom on earth ... "We are the world. And the world is ours." 
---- No army ..... No more wars or fears of wars. ==> "Reliable and sustainable peace on earth." 
---- Love .... "Everyone in the world will love the world and love all others." 
---- No more separatists ... Every human beings will realize how importance it is to live with no separation or discrimination, because of knowing the fact that "we are all the world.. and the world shall never be divided."
---- Development ... "Many worldwide developments, which we have never imagined their possibility in this current situation, will be possible." We all will live more comfortably and joyfully. 

Is it possible to unify the world? 
Ask yourself, whether you agree with this idea or not. If you agree .. that means other human beings can agree too. Then, after everyone has agreed, the world unification is absolutely possible. 

Procedures to unify our world 
---- Get majority agreement from all people of all current countries in the world. ==> Campaign until everyone (or almost everyone) understands and agrees. 
---- Leaders of all current countries choose the world leader (or we can call that one as “the World Coordinator" because his/her function is not to lead, but to acquire as much public opinion as possible). United Nations might act as the temporary World Government. 
---- Set up World constitution ==> Everyone has freedom to live anywhere in the world. Everyone has freedom to respect any religions. Everyone can act and express ideas freely as long as that don't harm others or the social. Most importantly, everyone has equal rights for world governing. 
---- Decide the date for removal of all soldiers, armies, and weaponry. The World Constitution might start being implemented on that date. 

Who should take part in World Unification? 
You !!!! ... No matter who you are or where you live, as long as you are a human being who love our world, you can help unify the world easily by thinking for good points of world unification and for how to unify the world, and disseminate your ideas to people around you, or just discuss with them. ........ And why should you do it? ..... For your own benefit ... both directly and indirectly ........ and for your self-honor that you've made the greatest change for our generation and next generations to come. 

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Last update: 30 April 2007 

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