Here are main reasons supporting world unification:

1.    So that we will be able to travel around the world conveniently. After the world is unified, we will not have to waste time with passport/visa application and immigration procedures while we travel our One world.

2.    So that we will not have to pay tax and spend budget for military and army weapons, which are used just for humans to kill humans nonsensically; so that to ensure that there will never be another big world war or more small wars, which only lead to losses of lives and properties; and so that there will be nobody being drafted to become small soldiers who risk dangers while supporting big generals to be so much powerful and to have excuses in using large secret and not-secret budgets for military purposes.   

3.    So that we will be proud that the whole world belongs to us. All of us, all human beings, will own the whole world together. This feeling will be much greater than owning a small country, which we actually accidentally own because of our birthplace, not our intention or ability. 

4.    So that when we travel far from our hometown we won’t feel awkward or embarrassed of being a stranger. There will be a new value among all human beings that, regardless of where one is from, that person is a human like all other humans, and each human has a right to travel around the world conveniently and safely. World people will recognize that all public areas are places that anyone has a right to share using. The entire earth will be like our home.

5.    So that the human society will be more peaceful because humans stop hurting others. There will be a globally accepted value that everyone belongs to the human race of Homo sapiens species. Thus we should love all others and do not hurt or disturb others. 

6.    For better condition of the global environment. Everyone will recognize that all masses of land and water are valuable resources and are all connected. Thus everyone will help take care of the whole earth (unlike the situation these days when some rich countries carry garbage to poor countries.)  

7.    So that the newly created World Country will truly belong to world citizens, and the World government will truly come from agreement of world citizens. Human beings around the world will truly have superior power over the World government. This is because World Country can be created only by mutual agreement of most people in the world, who will need to draft, revise, and accept the World Constitution together. World government can only exist with approval of most human beings. Therefore, World Country will not have a World government that seems like a master of citizens (like governments of most countries these days.)  

8.    For equality of all humans. The highest law of the world (World constitution) must specify that all humans have the same status of being world citizens, who are all treated the same by the law, and no one has any privilege over others. If the World constitution states that rulers have special privilege (like those of some current countries), it won’t be accepted by most people, and that means world unification will not happen.    

9.    For development and solutions to cope with problems at the global level (such as global warming, cross-border haze from forest fire, research at the global level, etc.) Operations at the global level will be done in a timely and efficiently manner because they take place within the same country: the World Country.

10. So that we won’t hear sad news about many human friends who suffer from immigration and cross-border human trafficking problems. All humans will be able to move freely to all public places around the world, and there will be no war to force people to migrate. 

11. So that resources around the world will be shared by everyone equally. For equality and well-being of all humans, the World Constitution will state that everyone shall have enough land that allows them to live in a self-reliance manner and have some free time to help others and develop the world. All human beings will live happily and healthily. No one will need to serve as a slave to anyone.   

12. So that there will be no civil war or protest against government. This is because the world government will have power just at the level people think it should have. The government will not be in power for a long time and cannot monopolize leadership. The government will not be able to hurt people who does nothing wrong, will not be able to corrupt (because every work will be transparent, no confidential documents), and will not be able to write laws for themselves and prohibit people from criticizing it (the World constitution must be written and revised only by most people in the world.)

13. So that human society will not have to face danger of terrorists. No one will agree to the idea of separating the World country into small countries that make people lose ownership on the whole world. No one will agree to the use of force. No one will agree to violation on personal rights. And no one will accept anyone who wants to govern the world without majority vote of all humans. 

14. So that we will be proud of being the generation that makes the greatest change on earth in the human history. This change will lead to happy living of next generations who will not have to face so many nonsense problems we are encountering these days.   


Because of these benefits we envision when the world is unified, we are determined to do our best to achieve world unification as long as we are still alive. 



Our approach of campaigning for world unification is heading toward these goals via various means we are capable to do as ordinary people who volunteer to do this great task without receiving any pay. We don’t think we should get paid for working on world unification. We think this work is common for all human beings these days to do. Everyone can help unify the world by telling this idea to surrounding people. Soon we will achieve all the above goals together.