You are invited to sponsorThe 3rd Round the World Swimming Contest 2017

To organize this great event, World Unification Club needs a total donation of 3,000 baht (less than 100 US dollar.  

The total budget for this event is expected to be around 5,000 baht, which is for:

 - Big prizes for 3 top winners of Senior, General, Kid – male and female categories; with a total of 3,000 baht

 - Small prizes for all contestants who don’t win big prizes (probably around 25 of them) for 20 baht each; with a total of 500 baht

 - Food and service persons, with a total of 1,500 baht 


World Unification Club already has 2,000 baht (from the Coordinator, Mr. Kongjak Jaidee, who received this amount from Thai tax payers as a rice farmer.)   

Thus we need a donation of only 3,000 baht. (PayPal is accepted.)

However, we have conditions for the donation as follows.  

1. The donator must not have any difficulties in making the donation. 

2. The donator must be willing to express name openly. 

3. Maximum amount for each donator is 500 baht (so that we have multiple donators and no one takes too much burden with this event.) 

4. Minimum amount for each donator is 20 baht (so that the list of donators is not too long.)



* To donate, please contact World Unification Club or our main coordinator, Mr. Kongjak Jaidee,  E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., FB: GoodJai, Tel. 084-7043345. After a confirmation of donation is made, your name and amount will be listed in the “ชมรมรวมโลก World Unification Clubpage.

** After receiving a total of 3,000 baht, donation will no longer be accepted. 

*** Donation is open only until July 28th. (Because we expect to set the date and plan of the event within the first week of August. You have time to make a decision about 10 days.)

**** If the total donation amount is less than 3,000 baht, World Unification Club will not organize the Swimming Contest. Instead, it will organize a “Round-the-World Swimming & Picnicking”, when participants receive free food, but no prize is given to swimmers. In this case, donators who have paid can ask for a refund.   

***** If the total donation amount reaches 3,000 baht, the Round-the-World Swimming Contest will certainly be held. Donators may join the contest as they wish. 


Objectives of the event

- To illustrate the changed world after the unification by showing that, suppose the whole world is borderless and all humans live with love, we all will be able to travel around the world freely and safely, and might be able to truly swim or sail around the world. 

- To publicize the concept of world unification to local people (most participants) and others around the world (via Facebook Live, YouTube, etc.)


++++ World Unification Club consists of individuals who aim to see all human beings love and have good will toward all others, to see all humans being able to travel to any public land around the globe without a need of any visa or passport, and to no longer see any human societies set up any armies to fight with others of this same human race. 

++++ World Unification Club organizes several activities toward this goal in a peaceful way via campaigning and publicizing mainly. We will continue promoting the idea until most people in the world agree and ask for world unification, and the idea of separating humans into nation states is no longer accepted. 






Updated info: At 8:40 AM, July 22nd, 2017, we now have reached the total donation of 3,000 baht from 12 donators. Donation is now closed. Thank you very much.